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Distiller's Blend (Reserve Collection)

A rich, elevated blend with notes of Kentucky Bourbon, Smoked Vetiver, and American Oak. Legendary quality and our most sophisticated scents - that's what Cremo Reserve Collection is all about.

Bourbon & Oak

A smooth, lively scent with a spicy spirit. Bourbon & Oak is designed with a layered blend of distiller’s spices, bourbon and white oak. It’s perfect for the modern gentleman who’s not afraid to turn some heads.

Silver Water & Birch

An energizing, refreshing scent. This complex scent is designed with a combination of a deep forest spring water accord, lavender and white musk. It’s perfect for warm, sunny days and those who like to keep it simple and elegant.

Sage & Citrus

A crisp, revitalizing scent for all occasions. Designed with an energizing combination of dry mountain sage, crisp mandarin and revitalizing patchouli.

Cooling Mint

Cedar Forest

A crisp, revitalizing scent that transport you to a lush, woodsy forest.

Juniper & Eucalyptus

A sophisticated balance of aromatic herbs, botanicals and crisp woods. Layered and complex, it evolves as you lather, leaving you feeling invigorated and smelling like a true gentleman should.

Wild Mint

It’s lightly scented with natural essential oils for a supremely fresh and long-lasting clean feel.

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