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NO. 15 Thickening Shampoo Juniper & Eucalyptus

Upgrade to Barber Grade

An invigorating blend of juniper berry, fragrant eucalyptus and fresh herbs in our Barber Grade Thickening Shampoo. Looking for a shampoo that will give your fine or thinning hair a boost? Make your hair speak volumes with this shampoo. It delivers the appearance of fuller hair with a scent that will knock your socks off. Which is good, since you probably don't want to wear those in the shower anyways.

  • Helps hair look thicker/fuller with added body
  • Evolves as you lather, revealing layer after layer of Good Uncommon Scents
  • Premium Barber Grade formula
  • Handsome bottle adds a touch of class to any shower
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount to hand or directly to hair
  • Work product into a lather, massaging into the scalp
  • Thoroughly rinse out product

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